Three bottles: Christian Seely

Another three bottles, and another gem.  Christian Seely is the MD of Axa Millesimes, owners of Domaine de l’Arlot, Quinta do Noval, Châteaux Suduiraut, Pibran and Petit-Village and, most importantly in my book, Château Pichon-Baron.

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Three bottles: Mr Walter Speller

A year and a half ago I hosted a rather special tasting of just under a hundred, I think, 2010 Barolos.  The guests were mostly the UK press.  One of them was Walter Speller, who showed up at opening time (11am) or just before, and was still there six hours later when I was trying to boot people out.  I was immediately impressed.  Tasting young Barolo, even from a flashy vintage like 2010, is hard work.  To do it properly requires some dedication.  Walter did it properly.

• • •

Clos de Tart at Corney & Barrow

Will Hargrove of Corney & Barrow kindly invited me to a vertical tasting of Clos de Tart.  2013 back to 1996, with only the 1998 missing.  Will is one of the wine trade’s true gentlemen, by which I mean he is of good and courteous conduct, rather than implying that he sports a silly beard and a load of 1950s style tattoos.  Will is also a company man: Corney & Barrow agency wines will always get an extra point or three from Will, which is fair dos, and occasionally amusing.

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