Jedi Mastery

There is no shortage of advice on what to have for Christmas, and the supermarkets all seem to be discounting Champagne.  Good show.  For what it’s worth, my Christmas Champagne will be Berry Bros United Kingdom Cuvee Blanc de Blancs.  En magnum, of course.  I should point out that Berry Bros & Rudd are my employers.

But the really fun bit will be opening it.  Which I will be doing in style with a kitchen knife (unless my folks have bought a sabre since I last saw them).  This is a laugh, impresses people, and it’s easy.

With the usual safety caveats (wear a high-visibility jacket, safety glasses, unplug the telly, hand brake on, etc, etc) this guy here shows how to do it.

Much as I deplore the Health & Safety culture that controls our lives much, much more than it should do (small feature to follow at some point), I will add that I will go and find the cork, and the small bit of glass that will still surround it.  We don’t want my Mum’s dog cutting his paw in the garden (and bleeding all over the carpet).

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