The Elephant Dances: 2009 Ch. Cos d’Estournel

A brief update on 2009 Ch. Cos d’Estournel after this bit.  A sample arrived in the playground of the beautiful that is Basingstoke and I tasted it today.  Herewith my note, which is wildly different than the first:

“There is some intensity in here, there is something lurking underneath and there is some freshness here, some minerality on what is a very serious nose.  There is a cool minty edge underneath the cassis, with something slightly meaty, slightly animal, on top.  Getting better.

That minty coolness again in the mouth; meaty fruitiness with a touch of pencil lead following on.  Very complete, and very layered.  Something almost Lafite-esque in the minerality and intensity.  Viscous mouthfeel.  Maybe something Californian in its ripeness but something very serious, very classy in the structure underneath.  Clearly something extraordinary in the proper sense of the word.”

So this elephant does indeed dance.  I may be confused but I did taste something exceptional today.

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