Three bottles: Nice Guy Eddie (aka Bud Cuchet)

Bud Cuchet is a director of Fine and Rare Wines.   More importantly, he’s an absolutely top hole bloke.  If you work in the UK wine trade then you might know why I like Bud so much. It’s not to do with tanktops, it’s to do with a mate.  Goodness is a rare commodity these days; Bud has plenty of it.

I first met Bud in 2003 I think. On the wrong side of St James’s Street. I last met Bud at what was a quite epic lunch a couple of weeks back. This guy wrote it up so well that I didn’t bother doing so myself. Bud brought the Climens: classy. My recollection of the day is hazy but I don’t think he was wearing one of his trademark tanktops.

What was the first wine that got you into it?

It was 1986, the summer had started and I was being an annoying adolescent at home. So my parents packed me off to St Emilion to spend a month working in the vineyards at Chateau Pavie. In those days Pavie was making lovely elegant fine claret, extraction had not yet been invented. I recall being served a bottle of 1971 direct from the cool cellars after a back breaking day in the vineyards. It has been a few years now but I do remember it being special then.

What was the first wine that took you closer to your maker?

1947 Lafleur from a magnum. It was so amazing and memorable I had to ask Jacques Guinaudeau if what I had drunk was actually the real deal, his vast moustache curled up as he smiled and confirmed it was.

What’s the best wine you’ve had in the past year?

1983 Chateau Margaux that Paul Pontallier served in the Chateau’s kitchen for lunch, if there is an other opportunity I might ask him how it is showing against the 1982, it might give him an idea.

Thank you, Mr Cuchet.