2012 Bordeaux: Pomerol

If you’ve got as far as this and you don’t own Neal Martin’s “Pomerol” then I’d suggest buying a copy.  There is something rather special about Pomerol – there is something Burgundian about both the region and its wines.  And the 2012s are rather good.

My views on Pomerol are fairly simple: short of the top ten or so properties, there isn’t a great diversity of terroir in Pomerol; if there is it doesn’t show in the wines.  Of the wines below the group winner was La Fleur Pétrus, which is made up of a hotch-potch of parcels throughout the appellation.  Pétrus, Lafleur, La Conseillante, VCC and maybe a couple of others have real identity for me, otherwise Pomerol, to me, all tastes much the same.  Which is no bad thing because good Pomerol can be very good indeed.  These were a pleasure to taste.

My highest scorer – Certan de May – wasn’t loved by all.  Indeed a second bottle was called for.  Looking back at my notes, and at the names of those that did score it well, I’m happy that I didn’t get it wrong.

Certan de May (18)

Something hiding on the nose here: there is more to come.  Rich and silky weight in the mouth.  Fat and complete.  Broad.  Texture.  Long.  Very good.

La Fleur Pétrus (17.5)

A touch of green freshness here on the nose.  There is some class here.  And there is depth and weight behind it.  Some punch.  This is rather serious.  Length.  Depth.  More to come from this.  Very good.

Le Gay (17)

Rather quiet on the nose though rather punchy in the mouth.  There is some weight and the beginnings of some depth here.  Length.  This is very Pomerol in style: character.  Laid back.  This is rather good.

Vieux Château Certan (17)

Something I can’t quite place on the nose.  Stalky.  Cabernet Franc.  And this follows in the mouth, which gets better and better (especially now I think it’s VCC).  The character persists throughout.  There is a lovely freshness to this.  Real character, too.    Very good indeed.

Gazin (17)

Cream and chocolate tobacco on the nose.  Clay.  Rich and viscous in the mouth.  Lots of chocca here.  This was made in the cellar – there is the signature of some winemaking here – but it is very impressive.  A big wine.  Very good.